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Generation Why?

For the person who questions everything

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This is my rant. It's about my generation. It's about the idiocy my generation is producing and about how we are the ones who are going to either save the world or blow it up. Maybe both. It's about how we are the synthesis of our grandparents and our parents. We are the echo-boom, The "Generation Y" born between 1977 and 1994. We are the golden nugget that corporations are targeting because we are the ones who are spending. We make up 1/3 of the North American population. We have grown up with technology and a fast paced world. We are the so-called saviours of the planet. But increasingly I'm finding that the older counter parts of my generation are asking "why?" Why are we contributing to the rat-race and why are we working our asses off to live up to these expectations that were placed before us before the majority of us were even born?

There for, I rant. In the name of "Generation Why?"